Download Net Speed Booster for Windows

Are you experience intermittent or slow internet speed? You can easily fix that with the Net Speed Booster for Windows which is available for free download. Net Speed Booster is an internet and network application (software) for your windows PC that allows you to boost or fasten your Internet connection speed on your PC. One of the most advantageous feature of this app is that it boosts the performance capabilities (read speed) of your internet no matter your connection mode is. It works on Dial Up, LAN or Wireless Connections (WiFi). Moreover, Net Speed Booster for Windows helps you keep your connection secure, prevent repeated and frustrating disconnections and increase the speed of your modem at the same time.

No More Internet Lag

Isn’t it frustrating to have an intermittent internet connection while you are working on important project or using your net for entertainment? Watching live stream shows and movies online, playing online games such as PUBG Mobile, buffering streams or lagging net could ruin you whole experience. That’s why you need a permanent solution to fix your internet speed issue. While it may sometimes be the problem at the service provider’s end, sometimes it can be because you are using it for multiple activities and devices at the same time. A heavy file download on your PC may also directly affect your overall internet speed on other connected devices. A fast and decent internet connection speed is one of the biggest advantages in modern age. As said before, there is a free for download software called Net Speed Booster for Windows that you can easily download, install and use it to boost the speed of your internet connection.

Net Speed Booster for Windows

Net Speed Booster for Windows – The Best Free Application

Since we already know the problem, and how it can be solved by using a simple and free app. Net Speed Booster for Windows is here and we’ll tell you why it’s the best available app you can get. While some apps need manual settings and configurations, Net Speed Booster runs pretty automatically. It’s hands-free nature makes it easy to use – set and forget. It will detect the best and optimum settings for you once it’s run. It also helps you in selecting the strongest signals for WiFi connections. You need no programming skills to be able to use Net Speed Booster, it does its work in the background leaving you worry free. This does not mean that you have no control over the activities of Net Speed Booster. You can manage your connection, change the settings manually etc. The app is not heavy and resource consuming software so there will be almost no extra load on your system.

Here’s the link to download free Net Speed Booster from Softonic. All credits to them.

download net speed booster

The Downside and Final Words

Having said that it’s one of the simplest and most lightweight application, it has it’s own downside. It’s free, yes, so in order to support the app, you will see advertisements. You already know and understand that because you can not get every premium features on a free software. It’s simple and that also means that it has limited functionality. If you are looking for more complicated, advanced software with more features and more control, this will not be the best one out there. However, for an application of this small size, free and simple to use, net speed booster is a really useful free software to boost your Windows internet speed.

Once downloaded and installed, it should be able to increase the speed of your internet connection. Do let us know if you find it helpful so that we can write more about similar topics and fixes.

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