Free Surf VPN For Windows PC and Mac

Surf VPN for Windows PC and Mac gives you one of the best VPN proxy services you need. VPN or Virtual Private Network is a great way of providing that extra layer of security for your devices accessing the internet. Be it for personal computers or online browsing, a VPN always ensure you have a special extra protection. Having said that, you’re probably looking for a good yet free VPN proxy service for your PC or Mac.

That’s where you have the reliable Free Surf VPN app to download and use it freely. When it comes to VPN, there are a host of premium and free ones. However, Surf VPN is one among the best we would recommend our users.

Surf VPN – A Free Mobile VPN App for Android

The Surf VPN app was developed by XSoft Inc. specially for mobile devices such as Smartphones using Android Operating System. However, you can also use this VPN software even for your Windows computer or laptop. If you want to install this app on your PC, follow the steps below:

Download and Install Surf VPN App On PC – Windows Or Mac

As said earlier, the Surf VPN app is meant for mobile devices. So you will need to create an Android environment to be able to install it on your Windows PC. First off, download and install an emulator program.

How to Download Surf VPN for Windows PC and Mac

Now, in order to be able to install Surf VPN, let’s take a look at an Emulator you can use on your computer. Remember that these emulators are free softwares and you can get them online easily.

Bluestacks Android Emulator

Bluestacks is by far the most popular Android Emulator for your Windows PC or laptop. Simply download and install Bluestacks Android Emulator and you should be able to install Surf VPN on your PC using this software.

Here’s a screenshot of Bluestacks installed on Windows PC.

Bluestacks Installed on PC

Installing Surf VPN App on Your PC

Once you’ve installed Bluestacks, run the program. You will be required to log into your Google account. Once logged in, the interface is basically Google Play Store similar to what you see on your Android Phone.

In the Search Box, enter Surf VPN and download the app and install it. Everything is pretty much automated. Once the VPN app has been downloaded and installed on your PC, you should be able to start using it to secure your browsing.

Free Surf VPN for Windows PC

What About Surf VPN for Mac?

Well, if you’re using Mac, the process is still the same. Since you will not be able to download the software for your Mac, you will still be required to use an Emulator. Using the emulator, you can create an Android OS on your Mac and then install and use the free Surf VPN app on your Mac OS.

Features of Surf VPN

Among the general benefits of using any Virtual Private Network Softwares, here are some of the outstanding features of Surf VPN.

FREE : Surf VPN offer free servers that are 100% free forever!
✓ SIMPLE and easy to use. You require no registration, just one-click to connect.
✓ UNLIMITED Truly unlimited, no session, bandwidth limitations.
✓ PRIVACY No logs, surf the web anonymously and privately.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

A lot of good and free VPN apps are available for download from Google Play Store. However, all the VPn apps do not share the features and advantages mentioned above. Thanks to the Android emulator such as Bluestacks, we can run and use an app like Free Surf VPN for PC both on Windows & Mac laptop or computer. Amazing, isn’t it?

Are you using any other Free VPN on your computer? Do let us know if you are, so that we can cover the same in our upcoming topics.

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