Thank you for choosing the new generation of P2P accelerators from Download Boosters. Here you can find a Quick Start Guide as well as a short briefing of the most common interface elements. We tried to make the interface as simple as possible. The program doesn’t actually need that much information from you. We already know what you are looking for: faster downloads for your P2P application!

Have fun with your downloads!

Quick start

In order to have a fast and uncomplicated start with you P2P accelerator, just go through the following simple steps:

  • Download the latest version of your accelerator from
  • Make sure you have the P2P application installed – correspondent with the download accelerator was design for.
  • Close any P2P application and install the accelerator.
  • Start the accelerator (if not automatically started by the installer). To deal with the Registration Window which will come up, see the section “Registration Window” bellow.
  • Start your P2P program from within your download accelerator.
  • If not automatically detected, choose the right interface you are using to connect to internet from the “Network Interface” dropdown list.

The Registration Window

First time you start the program a popup window will ask you for the Registration Code. Here you have the following options:

Get a valid license

If you want to get a valid license for your copy of the program, click on the “Buy Now” button. You will be guided through the purchase process and, at the end you will receive a Registration Code per E-Mail. Just return to this window (if necessary start the program again to get to the registration window) and enter the code in the “Registration Code” text field. Then press the “Register” button.

You already have a license

If you already have a valid license for this product, just enter the Registration Code into the text field and press “Register”.

Use the free version

If you want to use the software for free then close this window and continue working.

The main Window

On the main window you’ll find the following items:

Accelerate Button

The button is by default activated and you will probably never need to deactivate it.

There are very few situations when you may want to run you P2P application in normal mode, without acceleration.

Run Button

By clicking this button you will start your P2P application from within the acceleration program. It is very important that you start the P2P application in this way. Do not start the P2P application first and then the accelerator. The accelerator is able to start the P2P application in a special way in order to be able to control and speed-up the network traffic coming to or from it.

If you don’t have the respective P2P application installed on your PC an error message will appear. The message will give you some hints where you can download the missing program.

Minimize to Tray

The accelerator will run as a background process using a minimal amount of memory and CPU and it will be visible to you as a Tray Icon (down on the right side near the clock).

Quit Application

The Accelerator application will close. Even if the P2P application is able to run after the accelerator is closed, it is recommended to close the P2P application first and then the accelerator.

The connection Information Panel

On the right side of the main window you have some data about your Internet connection.

Connection Type

Shows your Internet connection type (LAN, Modem).

Connection Status

Shows the status of your connection. It can be useful especially for modem users.

Total Bytes Sent/Received

Here you can see the amount of bytes transferred by the P2P program through the accelerator.

Accelerated Mode

Shows the amount of time since your P2P application is running in the accelerated mode.

Network Interface

Here you can set the network interface you are using to connect to internet and where you want your traffic accelerated.

Normally the accelerator detects the right interface automatically but there are some exceptions.  One example is when you have LAN card in your PC but you are connecting to the internet through an USB Wireless device. Sometimes it happens that the accelerator chooses the LAN card and you will see no activity by the “Total Bytes Sent” and “Total Bytes Received”. In that case you just have to pick the right interface in this dropdown list.

The Accelerator Running as Tray Icon

While the program is running as a tray icon you can restore the main window by double click on the icon itself. To help you recognize the tray icon, a yellow box with the program name will appear while you move the mouse over it.

Quick Menu

With a right mouse click on the tray icon you will get a quick menu with the following items:

Auto resume downloads

This is a popular option in the P2P world which avoids loosing precious download time because a connection was shortly interrupted.


Your P2P application will be automatically started by the accelerator shortly after it’s own start-up.

Run at startup

This option will launch the accelerator on the Windows start-up. If the “Autorun option is active, then both your accelerator and your P2P application will be started”


Here you can see some information about the release of the accelerator.


The Accelerator application will close. Even if the P2P application is able to run after the accelerator is closed, it is recommended to close the P2P application first and then the accelerator.

Depending on the release version, you may find some useful links as menu items in this Quick Menu.

The Quick Menu of the Tray Icon is also available while you are running the application with the main window open.