Lifetime License

What do we mean by Lifetime License?

You pay for the program only the first time and get all new versions of this program for FREE and for LIFE. It works with is a built-in update system which operates through Internet to automatically upgrade your application to the latest release using a “smart” patch system. All new program releases will include this feature.

How does it work?

When you purchase and install a Download Boosters program, you enter certain information to register online. Using your email address we will inform you about new versions. You will be able to download and install for free all new versions for purchased software. All new versions will have the feature to upgrade online by clicking on an upgrade button. The program connects to our server and checks for a new version. If this is the case, a patch is downloaded and your application is upgraded for free. Friendly isn’t it?

What about the future?

If you purchase a product now, you’re entitled for a Lifetime License. It means that you’re guaranteed to get free upgrades for life. If we decide to change the terms of the Download Boosters EULA in the future, this will be applied to new licenses only.

What about previously registered users?

All new program releases will include this feature. Each previously registered user will receive a notification and a download URL to get the new program release in an email.