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What’s a better choice on Prime Plus VS Elite RP Upgrade? PUBG Mobile or Player Unknown’s Battleground is one very popular Mobile Platform game right now. 1 in every 5 youths all over the world are playing this Battle Royale game. Today, we would like to tell you why you should subscribe to Prime Plus Instead of Elite Royale Pass. You will find that millions of player all over the world has upgraded their Royale Pass or RP to Elite. 3 Seasons ago, the publisher Tencent International has introduced the Prime and Prime Plus memberships. So why choose Prime Plus instead of Elite RP upgrade? Read on to find out.

Prime Plus VS Elite RP Comparision

If you are a hard core fan or gamer of PUBG Mobile only would you consider upgrading wither to Prime Plus to Elite RP. As both requires you to spend some real cash, you would think again from the two options – which is a better choice? While most people go for Elite RP, here is one very good (and sufficient) reason why Prime Plus is better than Elite RP Upgrade.

Wait a minute, before that, let’s take a quick look at the benefits you get for both the upgrades.

PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription Benefits

Here are the benefits and rewards you can get by subscribing to Prime Plus in PUBG Mobile.

  • Daily 20 UC for a total of 600 UC (PUBG Mobile Free UC)
  • Purchase cool items with BP (There’s not much use of them without Prime subscription)
  • Get 10 RP points daily
  • Amazing deals and discounts on items and skin purchases
  • Classic crate lottery at 50% OFF on your first draw daily.
  • Immediately get 300UC free and premium crate, ID or game name change card and Room creation card
PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription Benefits

So, as you can see there are ample benefits if you subscribe to Prime Plus. And it costs only Rs.799 per month which can be cancelled anytime. If you are tight on budget, you can go for Prime subscription which is much cheaper. Obviously, it comes with lesser benefits. Although the introductory pricing of 50% discount on your first month is shown above, Tencent has done away with it at this time.

PUBG Mobile Elite RP Upgrade Benefits

Now coming to Elite Royale Pass, here are the benefits you can get by upgrading to Elite RP. The Elite RP Upgrade rewards depends from season to season. Currently it’s Season 11 and the most exciting rewards are listed below:

  • 500 RP points as instant rewards to be used during next season (12)
  • Get upto 600 UC for free by reaching upto maximum RP rank (100)
  • Free emotes, guns and vehicle skins in addition to silver coins and BPs are different levels of RP
  • The UCs earned can be used for upgrading RP during next season so you keep getting Elite RP
  • It’s a one time cost so avoiding monthly payments
PUBG Mobile Elite RP Rewards

From the above points and images you can see that it’s equally tempting to upgrade to elite RP. Now, let’s get to the point – which is better – PUBG Mobile Prime Plus Subscription VS Elite RP Upgrade.

Prime Plus Sub is Better than Elite RP Upgrade

Yes! You heard that right. Going for the Prime Plus subscription is better and more rewarding than the Elite RP Upgrade. Why? When you subscribe to Prime Plus, you will be charged Rs.799 for the first month. Remember to cancel the subscription one day before the next renewal. The rewards you will get include 300 UCs plus 30 USs daily. Accumulate these UCs till you have a total of 600UC.

Now, you can upgrade to Elite RP with the UCs you have and be at the same time having both the benefits of Prime Plus subscription as well as Elite RP Upgrade. Cool, right? However, if you have upgraded to Elite RP, you will get a total of only 600 UCs. That too only if you completed all RP missions and reach the highest level 100. By that time, the season will be ending already. Now you know what to choose. Thank us later.

Final Thoughts

PUBG Mobile is indeed a very popular, addictive and entertaining multiplayer online game. The fact that it is highly optimized even for lower end Mobile devices is one big reason why it has such huge userbase. One need not have a top end spec mobile to download and play PUBG Mobile. We would love to hear your thoughts about our piece on Prime Plus Subscription VS Elite RP Upgrade. We will share more about PUBG Mobile updates and tricks keep an eye on our games section.

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